Written by Diego Fernández

This drill is focused on the technical & tactical dribbling development, where we are going to work on different types of dribbles simulating a 1×1 action from the perimeter, and with the main rule that every dribble takes me in a different direction.

Basic drill routine:

  • Crossover, driving, pull back, facing up unblocking the wrist, driving (opposite side), pull back (opposite side), going by and driving with “skate step” + ending.

The first part of the drill

Main goals:

  • 1 dribble – 2 steps.
  • 1 dribble, 1 direction (every dribble takes me in a different plane &/or direction).
  • Feet: tiptoe, activity, facing up, skate step & negative step.
  • Hands: let the ball roll in the hands (control ball zones), strong dribble, “the ball goes out first”.
  • Ending: shot.

The second part of the drill

  • When the coach says “go”, breaking and driving to the rim (we get an advantage).
  • Changing pace and directions.
  • Use of the skate step and the negative step.
  • Verticality “the ball goes out first”.
  • Ending: attacking the rim with short step + long step (slow + fast).

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