Written by Diego Fernández

This drill is focused on improving the dribbling and endings, with a tactical reading + passing.

Different situations worked on the drill:

  • Dribbling squaring up (looking at the rim). More than one step for each dribble.
  • If the coach shows his hands, the baller has to pass the ball inside and be ready to catch the return pass. The inside pass is made from the outside of the body.
  • One arrived at the other wing, attack the rim with no more than 2 dribbles, rounding a cone.
  • The cone can be moved, keeping the number of dribbles rule, forcing the baller to “find” different step paces, length, and kind of ending.
  • Making a slow first step, and a fast and long second step to beat the “last”.
  • Dribbling the ball with the right hand, trying not to catch the ball at any time during the drill.

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