Written by Diego Fernández

As I already posted last May on my Twitter account (@diegofdezcoach), I have decided to end my time in Denmark, after a year coaching BK Amager.

This season, I ran the professional league team (the Women’s League) with which we reached both the league semi-finals and the cup semi-finals, with a team made up of four senior players, three of them international for Denmark, and the entire U19 group, plus two U17 players. A formative experience of great value for such a young team, and with which we were super close to playing in the league final (after forcing the playoff game).

I also had the opportunity to run two teams from our club’s academy, the U19, and the U17, working together in practices, and with the same idea of ​​the style of playing and methodology.

With the U19 team, after being a cup finalist, we proclaimed ourselves, against all odds, league champions, defeating the top favorite in the final by a difference of seven points. Success for this fantastic and talented generation of players, who after working very hard the whole year, reached the well-deserved prize on the last day of the competition.

With the U17 team, we reached the final phase of the national league, being the entire team made up of first-year players and numerous U15s. A collective and attractive game was achieved, although keeping up with the finalists was difficult.

Thank you so much for everything BK Amager! I wish you the best of luck in the future, which I am sure will be brilliant for these fantastic generations of players.

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