Written by Diego Fernández

Work of actions of 1×1 in transition, with methodological process (1×0 – 2×2) and cuts with shares in match.

Technical-tactical action:

Play 1×1 side on arrival.

Arrive in the race with low speed, slow down, change hands without aggression (safety crossover). We can play without a change of hand, just pretend.

Change pace after change and attack hoop.

Finish with slow steps to interpret the defender action (surround or cross) / pass for shooting 3 to feet still on arrival.

Methodological process:

1×0 without defense.

1×1 against coach as passive defender (man-ball or help).

1×1-1×2 with conditional defense.

2×2 with conditional actions.

3×3-4×4 playing with extrapass in perimeter and/or with the arrival of the "first big".

Match Actions:

Cuts with 1×1 situations in the race after defensive rebound or bottom draw (basket received), applying worked concepts.

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