Written by Diego Fernández

Technical development drill focused on the improvement of different offensive fundamentals:

  • Dribbling with two balls
  • Passing while dribbling
  • Different endings

1 – Dribbling development with 2 balls, crossovers, and making passes.

2 – Attack the rim after passing the 1st ball, jump stop, and front pivot + close ending.

3 – Coming off to catch the ball at the 45º, attacking with crossover + pull up. Mid-range shot.

4 & 5 – Low post actions, going out to the corner, squaring up, and attacking the rim after changing of pace. Ending with short step +  long step. Both sides.

6 – Making the 3rd routine again, but on the opposite side.


The main goal is to play as intensely as possible, taking care of the technical details.

The challenge is to get 6 makes in a row.

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