Written by Diego Fernández

Offensive movement of the Dragon Force (F.C Porto), team led by Moncho López.

The action starts with a 4 to 2 deception block, as it will subsequently be 2 that blocks the 4 from receiving at 45o. After receiving the wing-back, a cross pick between 2 and 5 is played, with the ball coming inside the Dragon Force.

ataque_dragon_force_rombo+cp1 ataque_dragon_force_rombo+cp2 ataque_dragon_force_rombo+cp3

To highlight, the game without ball after inner pass: exchange after split block between 4 and 1, while 2 and 3 open track on the weak side, facilitating extra-pass.

ataque_dragon_force_rombo+cp4 ataque_dragon_force_rombo+cp5

5 tries to play a hand-off situation with 1, but eventually chooses to find the 4 in the front position. Fast circulation of the ball thanks to the good occupancy of spaces, and shooting from the corner.