Written by Diego Fernández

New entry talking about Rytas Vilnius’ offensive actions, from its Eurocup’s game against Partizan Nis.

In this video, we can watch two different offensive sets:

  • In the first one, they start the offensive set with a dribble handoff (1 & 5), for playing a side pick and roll between 2 & 5 with the empty corner, taking advantages of the screener’s roll and the spacing of the rest of the players on the court, above all the other big one. As a variant, they can give back the ball to the playmaker in order to play a middle pick and roll with the 4.
  • In the second one, they are playing a “pass & go” action, starting with an entry pass with the center. On the opposite side, the other big one sets a pindown to the small for ending this action with a DHO. After that, they will play an elbow pick and roll. The center is located in the weak short corner, ready for not-ball play.

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