Written by Diego Fernández

In this post, I share some ideas about postgame scouting through video and a practical example of self-scouting after a Hørsholm 79ers Basketball game.

In my case, I choose to divide the postgame scouting into 2 or 3 areas:

1 – Actions to improve: within the team offensive & defensive tactic, select sequences of the game in which we have not been at the best level, either for not following the rules or for lack of intensity, for bad readings, etc.

2 – “Well-done” actions: with the same structure, actions which we must value positively within the basic parameters of tactics attitude, discipline, creativity, etc.

3 – Individual actions: they could be grouped within the first two, they could be prepared in separate videos shown to the players referred to, or they could appear in the third area, which in turn we would split in “to improve / well done”. We focus on individual offensive/defensive skills, decision making, etc.

When to show it to the team?

Preferably, in the first postgame practice, if possible on the court, just before the start of the session. If the court can not be used, it would be shown in a video room or the locker room.

Practical example

I share with you a link to a postgame analysis after a 79ers Basketball U19 game, in which I add the individual actions within the “to improve” and “well-done” areas.

I  hope it is of your interest.

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