Written by Diego Fernández

In this post, I'm going to consider some of the offensive options we use when we have a wing-back with the ability to pull from the 6.75 line.

These ideas are adjusted based on the basic attack routines we have when playing with two pure interiors:

Routine 1: Reverse direct lock

ataque_4_abierto1ataque_4_abierto2 ataque_4_abierto3ataque_4_abierto4

4 Locks and opens to the elbow or 6.75 for outside shooting, while 5 cuts per baseline. Short triangulation with a 4 to 5 pass, or long with a 4 to 2 pass and a new cut of 5 per bottom. We place the 3 very open (8-9 meters) to hinder aids or facilitate the pass.

If 5 blocks, it falls in, while 4 goes up to take up free space. Same outer positions on the opposite side.

Routine 2: Vertical indirect lock


5 performs a vertical lock for 4, winning within the zone (duck in). 4 kicks out or 6.75 for outside shooting, 1×1 front shot, or take one more pass.

We can continue with a pass to the outside, and subsequent direct lock with exterior continuation.

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