Written by Diego Fernández

After watching Unicaja's last matches against Barcelona and Bilbao, he rescued two offensive quick actions, in which they are looking for different options for their eaves.

Movement No 1: Cross pick for Carlos Suarez


Indirect blockage by baseline between escort and eaves, seeking to gain advantage in painting with Carlos Suarez against his defender, taking advantage of the position at the high post of the two interiors.

In case of not finding a clear option, Vasileaidis comes out leaning on the screen of the two pivots to receive in the front position.

ataques_unicaja2     ataques_unicaja3

With ball in the escort, eaves and alapívot open quickly to release a central PR situation between Vasileaidis and Fran Vázquez, with different open pass options, as well as the possibility of playing a reblock between the two players.

Movement No. 2: Quick Shot for Kostas Vasileaidis

ataques_unicaja4     ataques_unicaja5

Quick action to release a shot in 45o from the Greek escort of Unicaja. The situation begins with an arrival in transition, receiving Vasileaidis a blind block to enter the area.

Subsequently, The unicaja's spirit performs a new blockade for the escort, which comes out with an advantage to be able to throw unopposed.

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