Written by Diego Fernández

Official photograph: Bjorg de Meza, De Meze Photo

Today I am sharing a video that I sent last week to my players, talking about the pass in different game’s situations, taking advantage of video images taken from the game between Porto and Benfica (semi-finals Liga Placard 18/19, 3rd game):

Pick & Roll.

Ball inside.

Dribble Hand Off

Driving (1×1 actions).

Off  screens.

Fastbreak (passing the ball in these actions).

Extrapass (playing with one-more-pass after creating a previous advantage).


It is important to focus on technical and tactical details:

Technical: hands, feet, where the passer looking at, technical actions of the catcher, fakes, etc.

Tactical: spacing (occupation of the spaces on the court by the off ball players), the timing of the pass, choose the correct kind of pass for every action, etc.).

I hope the video will be interesting to you.


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