Written by Diego Fernández

2×1 P&R: Exercise focused on improving the defense of the man-ball in the direct blockage, with the following details to work:

  1. Pass over, sneak across arm and leg, or chase dodging the blockage.
  2. Use your hands to contact attackers.
  3. Recover man-ball, aim shot (front or side) and close rebound.

"Baller" can end with shot or extension, but always from outside the area. Your focus will be on:

  1. Use of the boat (outside the body, bilaterality, game plans).
  2. Attack opposite side lock before playing P&R.
  3. Generate space for a good pull-in.

"Screener" should focus on:

  1. Flexion in the lock + previous work (sprint from near the hoop).
  2. Good angle of Lock + roll.
  3. Load bounce + score two consecutive baskets with contact.

2×2 P&R: We add conditioned defense. The "baller" must read the defense, and use the appropriate technical gesture to overcome it (pull back, split, etc.).

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