Written by Diego Fernández


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A couple of weeks ago, we had in our Club (Club Baloncesto Cambre) the opportunity to meet all the coaches, to talk about the collective project of which we are an active part.

The first objective was that this should not become a monologue on my part, as Technical Director, on closed ideas and rules with little scope for debate, nor that it will remain in a review of the situation of each team exposed by their respective coach, without interaction and uncommunicative.

We are looking for a meeting where all the voices were important, and in which we made clear from the beginning some pillars of our project:

  • We want to completely overcome the idea of "team coach", and replace it with "club coach". Project of all and for all, and not only focused on teams and competitions, but on other sports and training activities.
  • The coach must be proactive, protagonist, and willing to maintain proper continuous training. Each one is responsible for their learning but, of course, it can be based on the rest of the teammates, and on the bases that the Club itself has for it.
  • Communication as the basis for daily work. What better than to say things to our faces? Ask, review, criticize constructively, as a way to improve and make better those around us.
  • The rules are set between all of us. For this reason, we mark the premises of our "ethical code", proposed and voted among the coaches, taking responsibility for respecting them at all times.
  • Key points in improving offensive technical-tactical fundamentals. Clear and concise ideas for each FTTO, to develop and enhance during the learning period, and with an eye on fostering innate talent in each player.

Lively debate, with numerous proposals, some doubts and with mixed opinions that made us make the most of the almost two hours together, even if such or more important issues remain in the inkwell, which will be present at future meetings.

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