Written by Diego Fernández

In this post I exhibit an exercise of defensive disadvantages that we regularly train. In it we work from a situation of 4 to 4 with disadvantage for the defender of the man-ball, setting the following rules:

1st option: long aids + rotations

  1. Male-ball defender tries to recover, or at least press until JB passes the ball.
  2. The strong side spirit generates a rinsing, and your advocate is not involved in the aid.
  3. We perform a long help per bottom line from the farthest outside.
  4. Our basic option is a rotation of 3 exteriors.

disadvantages1     disadvantages2

The basic rule in the defense in rotation is that the defender goes 80% of the road at 100% speed, and that in the last 20% make defensive fetes to generate doubts to the ball-man. Finally, prevent him from pulling liberated and being able to win the center.

Variant: We can work from the idea of denying the extra pass. Defender "2" makes it difficult to pass extra with fakes, while 1 and 3 make a defensive change, applying the same basic rules of defense in recovery.

2nd option: short aid + recoveries

  1. Defender of the inside of the strong side stays to perform defensive aid.
  2. Closer exterior of the opposite side helps against the pass to the inside that has been opened after rinsing. Its rule is to make it difficult to inversion the ball (it can jump), and in the case of pulling, taping sideways.
  3. Exterior further away is in motion, covering as much space as possible, to make it difficult to circulate the ball.
  4. Interior recovers by closing the center, from here, each exterior recovers its player.

Disadvantages4     Disadvantages5

Generally, this exercise is accompanied by a back-and-forth situation, working to greater rebound situations – counterattack – defensive balance.

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