Written by Diego Fernández


Why are we coaches? this is an important question, and it sure generates different types of answers.

"I want to teach everything I know about…" It sounds a little pretentious, although it is true that over time we acquire a series of knowledge that we want to pass on to those around us, and that by mastering them (never quite), it makes us feel strong and increasingly safe.

"I want to help improve my player" A different approach. Instead of (just) teaching him what I know, I focus on improving him. But if we do this, where's our roof? I mean, if I don't teach you only what I know, but my goal is to improve you, I probably have to raise my level, because with what I know, it may not be enough.

And this is where the coach's own concern comes in when it comes to betting on his training and his growth as a coach, which will have an impact on personal growth beyond basketball. Recognizing that we don't know everything, that we don't have all the answers, and that we can learn a lot from others, is the first step. From this point on, what are we willing to do?

Training, improving our level, is not free, in any sense. It takes time effort, economical. "I just don't have time to…" "If it was cheaper…" "It's summer, I need to rest…"

It is true that sometimes we do not have time to do something, we miss the budget, or we need that week off to disconnect and return with renewed energies. However, if we escape the occasional excuses, and we really feel the need to grow as coaches, we will find time and financial resources to invest them in training. It will help us to be better, to feel even safer, and to want to continue our ongoing training.

But to do so, we must first want to train, to note the need for it, to be humble enough to realize that there is much more world than ours, and that other visions will help us grow, and also to value our own knowledge.

Now that the competitions are over, it seems like an ideal period to devote resources in this regard. In addition, what we do we like, so we can enjoy in the process. All advantages.

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