Written by Diego Fernández


New challenges generate extra motivation, a motivation that drives us forward and leads us to accept different goals, and to increase self-demand in daily work.

Each challenge can create a problem, but it can also generate an opportunity, depending on the point of view. A positive approach allows us to focus on what we can do and face, which will bring us a little closer to the final success.

On a personal level, after three seasons training exclusively at Club Baloncesto Cambre, I have decided to accept the proposal that Has been put forward byQuet Coruña, to balance my duties as coach between both clubs, also maintaining my position as technical director at CB Cambre.

I will have the opportunity to train the junior-female cadet group of Basketball Coruña, two teams that will work during part of each week together, and in which we will mark as a priority objective the improvement at the technical-tactical level of the players, while growing as a team.

Fundamental steps in the training period, which will allow us to increase the individual level of each of them, and that will facilitate growth at the collective level.

On the other hand, I will maintain my duties as technical director at club Baloncesto Cambre, a club that continues to advance with short but determined steps, increasing from 10 to 12-13 teams, and with the idea of maintaining a firm commitment to training and sports activities, as a club idea.

Besides, I'll still be coaching the Men's 1st Division team. The group continues to be renewed with the addition of young players, who are complemented by more experienced players, who continue to demonstrate their commitment to the team and the club. It will also be a demanding project, but we will give everything to repeat the good ratings of previous years, and above all we will try to keep the good line of play shown on the second round of last season.

A sum of new challenges, of new opportunities, for an exciting season.

Good luck to all of you!