Written by Diego Fernández

This weekend the course "Extraordinary Reevolution" was held in Barcelona, organized by Transformación Deportiva (@TransFormDep), and coordinated by Xavi García Pujadas, a reference for this ambitious project.

Almost 20 very intensive hours of course, overflowing with passion for the four sides and companionship, in which all the participants were able to learn, reflect, experiment, interact and share numerous proposals and knowledge, with the leadership of Xavi Gá Pujadas himself (@xgpcoach), Ricard Casas (@ricardmenorca), Albert Rudé (@AlbertRude) and Jordi Coma (@comabau), extraordinary speakers, who above all, made us feel, vibrate and believe.

Football, handball and basketball sho turned together for two days, and showed that, as in many other areas of life, what unites us is more important and valuable than what separates us. Interrelationships and synergies between activities with their own identity, but deeply linked.

Methodologies, models, experiences, dynamics that can move from one sport to another and vice versa, and other aspects that seemed unique in each modality, but that if we delved into them, served us to realize that they are also usable crosswise.

Extraordinary Reevolution 12-2014

With Albert Rudé, during an interactive talk (Source: @TransFormDep)

Going into more detail, it is difficult to stay with only one aspect to stand out above the rest in this experience, just as complicated is to synthesize what is experienced in a few lines. It's still very recent, so there's a lot to reflect and to mature.

Habits as the basis of learning, the strong-point method, the A-B-C, perception as a differential element, meta-skills, types of intelligence, our secret roles, passing through the foundations to establish a game model, the creation of an ethical code and relationships with intelligence and power.

Much to learn, much to internalize, much to feel, and time from now on to advance more on this path that makes its way with resoundingness and security. As Ricard Casas would say, what a luxury to share your experiences and knowledge again!, "open doors".

Clear ideas, search for happiness (thank you Jordi for reminding us of the most important thing), and of solutions instead of regrets, with projects as stimulating as Albert showed us. I'm leaving with the feeling that there's another way to do things. Is it better? Xavi would surely point out that everyone will have their own answer, but I can assure you that the proposal is motivating, exciting and addictive.

And now… what are we going to do?

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