Written by Diego Fernández

Individual exercise where the inner player must choose different completions, but with certain defined guidelines (no pot, maximum or at least 1 pot, fetch pass before, etc.).

We will work with 2 balls, plus pin and bouncer, with the aim of chaining quick actions, in which the "shooter", after a pitch, must react quickly and receive a new pass.

During the exercise, we will vary the type of pass (pumped, chopped, direct, remote…) and the intensity/strength of the pass.

  1. Work of interior completions.
  2. Reaction speed.
  3. Coordination.
  4. Hand and foot work.
  5. High physical intensity.

We can keep the exercise for 1 minute, a certain number of shots or hits.

Likewise, we can choose to require the recipient to always make the same movement (mechanization), although in the proposed exercise we sought creativity over mechanization.

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