Written by Diego Fernández

When building the team's collective game, we can choose to design and develop a series of associative wheels that allow our players to assimilate the basic offensive ideas, taking care of the detail of the specific technical gestures needed in each action.

These are two examples of this type of wheels, very interesting to work on in the initial part of the trainings:

Wheel No. 1 "Reverse Direct Lock"


3 rows (2 outer with ball – 1 inside without ball).

We work on a reverse direct locking side, with different possible variables. In this variant, ball-man takes the blockage after escaping with a boat and attacking center, remains open and bends the blocker that falls towards the hoop.

Subsequently, the first pin exits on a vertical indirect lock situation, performing a boat-to-band shot, after simulating a defense that "trims" the block. Ball-man uses the boat to improve pass line.

After this action, this second exterior moves to receive a pass from the inside player in 45o. Attack center with a boat, ending with a shot within 6.75.

Wheel no 2 "inner ball"


construction7 construction8 construction9

3 rows (2 outer with ball – 1 inside without ball).

Ball-man performs inside pass on boat to player on low post, which performs a specific inner movement with close completion.

After inner pass, outer player cuts to opposite side, simulating horizontal indirect lock output; exit above the block, attacking with boat by baseline. Half-range termination. Pin uses the boat to improve pass line (kept in parallel).

Finally, the 2nd outside player, after passing, simulates that he performs an indirect "split" block, and unfolds for outside shooting after the inside player's pass.

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