Written by Diego Fernández

Selection of Coruña Benjamín fem - Xuntanza 2015

Official Photo Selección Coruñesa Benjamín Femenina - Xuntanza Xinzo Limia 2015
(Source: FGB).

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to lead the selection of coruñesa Benjamín femenina, in the Xuntanza de Seleccións zonal that was held in the town of Ourensana de Xinzo de Limia. I would like to share with you my experience about it.

We arrived on Saturday at 11am, as being from the teams that came from the farthest, we entered in third turn of matches. Our players, coming from five different teams, arrived with great enthusiasm, the logical initial nerves, and many of them without knowing each other, since before these Xuntanzas there are no trainings.

Far from considering it a handicap, it seems to me that it is a fantastic opportunity for both them and the coaches to adapt to environments different from those we are used to, and ideal to foster a good relationship between all, overcoming the known unions, which could be established in advance.

The initial idea was to "break the ice" with a proposal of group dynamics, in which the team members began to meet, giving special importance to the girls interacting with each other; thus, they would come together in pairs from different teams, and wonder those things they wanted to know about their new partner.

Once we knew names, days of birth, game number, and even favorite animals (each chose their questions), it was the turn of the distribution of equipment, and prepare to start the day, in which we would play three matches.

Minutes before we started playing, we joined Monica, coach of CB Culleredo with whom I shared the management of the team, and I to make game quartets, which we subsequently decided to keep throughout the day.

It was time to make your debut. Nerves in the girls, who faced with great desire the start of the first match, in which we faced Ferrol. Good match of all, showing especially intelligence in the game, something to take into account in such young players, and an outstanding predisposition to the collective game both in attack and in defense, very meritorious since we try not to bring together in the same rooms players who were companions during the season, to encourage the search for a different environment.

After the first meeting, it was the meal's turn. Walk by the river to get to the school where we could eat all the equipment, under a sun of justice and with an axfisian heat (surely we were 35 degrees).

With the first part of the afternoon free, we took the opportunity to rest a little, and watch the second match of the premini men's national team, which he had to face Vigo.

It would be Vigo, our next rival. A very powerful team with great technical and physical potential, which dominated the match mainly thanks to its faster role changes (attack-defense and defense-attack), and its rebound capacity. Even so, our players gave their faces at all times, leaving a good feeling despite the result.

He played rest again before the third game. Moment for snacking, and for the girls to play in groups by the stands (apparently the heat only wears us down some…), while the boys ended their participation playing against Lugo.

And it was the turn for our last game. Arousa was our rival, in what would be the most even matched encounter of all. Take and daca constantly, with a fast, showy and risky game, which I'm sure pleased the spectators present.

Victory for the Arousanas with a basket a few seconds from the end, closing a very positive participation of the selection team, a group of players who stood out for my taste especially for their intelligence on the court, and their ability and good attitude to make a collective game.

One of the things I like most about this format is the fact that it gives all the prominence to the players, encouraging their talent and their ability to adapt to situations that are outside their "comfort zone", and the demand it implies for coaches, who must manage a group they have not previously worked with.

In short, very positive initiative of the technical area of the Galician Basketball Federation, being a great experience for all, in which the illusion, companionship, and passion for basketball were always present.