Written by Diego Fernández

I share in this entry three shooting exercises:

"21x1": Team shooting exercise. With 5 shooting positions, in each position one player will be the pin, and the rest will be shooters. Target, add 21 points between the whole team. We can vary no points, score of pitches, condition the shots themselves (T3, after jackpot, etc),' vary positions, compete with time, etc.

"Volume": Basic pair-by-pair shooting exercise, where every minute a player throws while his teammate bounces. The pitcher chooses his shots, but we can also condition them: http://diegofernandezcoach.com/ejercicio-de-tiro-repetir-accion/

"Contact": Three-group shooting exercise + 1 defender (coach or player), where the shooter must execute his pitches after receiving contact with "fitball". 1-minute series, or not converted releases.

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