Written by Diego Fernández

Completing the previous team management (1) and team management (2) entries, I will now focus on the match management in mini-basketball, with aspects that in my opinion, are important for this task.

Know the rules

It is played at a fixed or stopped clock (throughout the match or there are changes in the final minutes).

Know what rotations have to be like, with the basic rules (maximum and minimum of track periods).

Dead times, how many I have, how I can distribute them, when they can grant it to me.

Basic rules (no faults, back field, etc.).

Coach's basics

All players are important. We'll have some who have been playing for two or three years and stand out, while others will be starting and their level will be lower. Let's respect everyone equally, and balance the rotations so that everyone can enjoy it.

Let us be respectful and demand respect, both with our own team, as well as with the rival team, referees, public, etc. An example is critical.

We are the image of our club, we have to take care of it. Verbal communication (vocabulary, tone), nonverbal (gestures, attitudes), and also clothing.

Let's be punctual and try our best. Having more than one match, getting up early, having to study later… are no excuses for not being focused and giving our best.

Transmit positivity. On a day-to-day basis, also at matches. Let's not just focus on the negative, let's assess the positive, and compare it to the group.

Don't play "to the fault", always seek to form. The match is one more part of the formation of our players.

Free defensive assignment. Let the players decide who they defend, give freedom and only if necessary later can we intervene.

Let's not assign roles prematurely (you take out, you're the "base", you're the "pívot", you run…). We do not know what the evolution (sports, physical, psychological) of children aged 10-11 will be. Let talent flow, and create roles naturally.

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